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Luke Baber-Davies is a true expert in the art of dressage and general riding, with a special focus on starting young horses and those that may need re-training. His services are professional, honest, and personalized to meet your individual needs, with a strong emphasis on care and attention to detail. Luke's exceptional skills and experience encompass everything from selecting and backing young horses to training and competing advanced mounts.

Currently, Luke is competing at Grand Prix level, with an eye on the future of International Grand Prix competitions, and has already achieved tremendous success. He has trained with some of the world's most renowned riders, including Carl Hester, Sune Hansen, Anne Van Olst, Fiona Bigwood, and Emile Faurie.

Luke has also ridden for exclusive studs such as Van Olst Horses in Holland, Quainton, and Décor Stud. His passion, care, and enthusiasm for the sport are unmatched, and his knowledge and ability to succeed in the industry are unparalleled. Trust Luke to provide exceptional service and expertise in every aspect of dressage and general riding.

Luke's passion for teaching is just as strong as his passion for riding and training horses. He has a talent for adapting his teaching style to suit the individual rider's needs, whether they are a beginner or an advanced rider.

Luke's approach to teaching is clear, concise and easily understood. He creates a tailored tuition plan for each client, ensuring they have the best possible chance of success. He offers impartial and non-biased advice, always without obligation.

With over two decades of experience, Luke has built up an extensive database of key equestrian contacts. If you are looking for your next superstar or a new stable, Luke would be more than happy to offer an introduction.

Luke's clients have all rated him with great regard, and his extensive knowledge base gives him a great advantage in all aspects of riding. His experience spans across all disciplines, from dressage to show jumping. In fact, he also offers flatwork lessons to show jumpers, and his methods have been highly rated.

International Dressage rider Luke Baber-Davies on dressage horse

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